The world's largest clean energy plant is now under construction in the Indian state of Gujarat
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The world's largest clean energy plant is now under construction in the Indian state of Gujarat

And nine more of humanity's social change milestones from the week of March 18 - 24 C.E.

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March 18 - 24 2024 C.E.

The world's largest clean energy plant is now under construction in the Indian state of Gujarat

Situated just 12 miles from one of the world’s most dangerous borders separating India and Pakistan, Adani Green Energy Ltd.'s gargantuan new park will cover more than 200 square miles once completed. At a cost of about $20 billion USD, it will likely be the world’s biggest renewable park when it is finished in about five years, and should generate enough clean electricity to power 16 million Indian homes.

E.U. regulators pass the world’s first sweeping artificial intelligence regulations

The E.U. says the regulations seek to "protect fundamental rights, democracy, the rule of law and environmental sustainability from high-risk AI, while boosting innovation and establishing Europe as a leader in the field." Applications that will be banned include social scoring, emotion recognition in schools and workplaces, and "AI that manipulates human behavior or exploits people’s vulnerabilities." The historic AI Act is likely to come into force in early June.

Renewables provide a majority of energy consumption in Germany for first time ever

The share of renewable energy sources in Germany’s total energy consumption grew to 52% in 2023 thanks to the steady expansion of solar and wind power installations in electricity production and an increase in the uptake of renewable heating systems, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) has said. Investments in renewable energy jumped markedly, from 22.3 billion euros in 2022 to 36.6 billion euros in the following year.

Yurok Tribe becomes the first to manage land with U.S. National Park Service

California’s Yurok Tribe, which had 90% of its territory taken from it during the gold rush of the mid-1800s, will be getting a slice of its land back to serve as a new gateway to Redwood national and state parks visited by 1 million people a year. The Yurok will be the first Native people to manage tribal land with the National Park Service under a historic memorandum of understanding signed by the tribe, Redwood national and state parks, and the non-profit Save the Redwoods League.

Nearly 9 in 10 Americans now think using psilocybin is ‘morally positive,’ in dramatic shift in public opinion

Researchers—representing institutions such as the universities of Oxford, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and Grenada—surveyed 795 people on the issue, asking about supervised use specifically for treatment and for well-being enhancement. Participants, the report says, “rated the individual’s decision as morally positive in both contexts.” The study is of note because although psilocybin “has shown promise both as a treatment for psychiatric conditions and as a means of improving well-being in healthy individuals ... public attitudes toward this shift are understudied.” authors wrote.

British scientists develop new bifacial solar technology that generates more power at reduced cost

Scientists from the University of Surrey in England, working with colleagues at the University of Cambridge, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Xidian University, and Zhengzhou University, have developed a flexible perovskite solar panel that use electrodes made of tiny carbon nanotubes. The researchers demonstrated that in addition to producing more energy than traditional solar panels, “the material cost of an all-carbon-electrode-based bifacial PSC is about 70% lower than that of a monofacial device.”

India stops accepting Russian oil delivered by U.S.-sanctioned tankers

Indian oil refineries have stopped accepting Russian crude oil delivered by tankers operated by Russia’s largest commercial shipping company that has been sanctioned by the U.S., likely as a result of the war on Ukraine. The move deals a significant blow to Russia's economy as India has emerged as a major importer of Russian crude oil over the past two years.

Biden administration rolls out new tailpipe rules that will boost EVs and hybrids

In 2023, EVs made up just 7.6% of new car sales in the U.S., according to Kelley Blue Book. The new rule is targeting 35% to 56% for EVs in 2032, and 13% to 36% for plug-in hybrids. By 2032, the new rule is expected to slash passenger car pollution nearly in half from 2026 levels.

U.S. bans last type of asbestos still in use

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that the U.S. will join 50 others nations worldwide enacting a comprehensive ban on asbestos, a carcinogen that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year but is still used in some chlorine bleach, brake pads, and other products. The final rule marks a major expansion of EPA regulation under a landmark 2016 law that overhauled regulations governing tens of thousands of toxic chemicals in everyday products, from household cleaners to clothing and furniture.

IRS free tax filing program launches in 12 pilot U.S. states

While the pilot focuses on “simple tax situations,” the U.S. Treasury estimates the pilot could cover about one-third of tax situations for 19 million taxpayers. Within five years, the program could save the average filer $160 per year, or a collective $11 billion annually including tax prep fees and time, according to a report from the Economic Security Project.

Frank Shuman builds the world’s first solar thermal power plant in Egypt (1913 C.E.)

Frank Shuman was an American inventor, engineer, and solar energy pioneer known for his work on solar engines. Shuman built the world’s first solar thermal power station in Maadi, Egypt in 1913, using used semi circle shaped troughs to power a 60-70 horsepower engine that pumped 6,000 gallons of water per minute from the Nile River to adjacent cotton fields.

Humanity achieves 100% renewable energy (2050 C.E. ???)

In a historic milestone for climate action, the global community completes a stunning transformation in how we power our lives and economies, in just a matter of decades. By sourcing all the world's energy for heating, cooling, transport, and electricity from green sources, we save billions of human and non-human lives and help ensure a livable, sustainable planet for generations to come.

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