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U.S. destroys last of its Cold War chemical weapons

And two more social change milestones from the week of July 10 - July 16, 2023.

Good news for humankind!

From the week of July 10 - July 16 2023 C.E.

U.S. destroys last of its Cold War chemical weapons

After over three decades of effort, the United States has destroyed the last of its chemical weapon stockpile that once consisted of 30,000 tonnes of deadly chemical agents in explosive munitions and storage containers.

Nepal’s Supreme Court orders government to register same-sex marriages

Justice Shrestha’s interim order will allow same-sex couples and other LGBTQ+ couples to legally register their marriages immediately, while the government prepares legislation to amend the civil code and formally legalize same-sex marriage.

Deforestation fell 26% in Colombian Amazon last year

“This is really dramatic,” conservationist Rodrigo Botero told The Guardian. “It’s the highest reduction in deforestation and forest fires that there has been in two decades.”

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Podcast appearance

Francisco Reyes, a fellow transformation coach, recently invited me on his podcast #fromcoachtocoach to talk about purpose and social change. Check it out!

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Good News For Humankind (abbreviated)

This was a big week! My son Owen (who goes by Link right now) turned 5 on Wednesday. My son Asa turned 2 on Thursday.

Things felt heavy. Owen was sick, so we had to cancel his birthday party and deal with all the disappointment of that and logistics of him being at home. But maybe more than that, I've been feeling the loss of not having little babies around anymore. That's likely something I'm not going to experience again (if all goes to plan). In many ways, I'm grateful to be close to the end of diapers and early morning wake-up calls. But in others, I'm feeling the weight of a big, beautiful chapter of my life coming to a close.

I also found myself transported back to Owen's and Asa's births - both emergency C-sections. In both cases, I remember sitting on the bench outside of the same operating room having no clue what was happening or even whether the baby and Sara were OK. Of course, those days were beyond beautiful and exciting, but they were also really scary and stressful for me. A lot of those same emotions have been welling back up in me this week.

Considering all that, I decided to do an abbreviated version of the newsletter this week to create some extra spaciousness for myself. I'm even considering doing this for the next several weeks to allow myself to enjoy summer a bit more and recharge the batteries. We will see!

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