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The double-edged sword of possibility

Our worlds are now impossibly vast and complex. Now more than ever, we must find a way to untangle the knot of chaos and complexity all around us into something comprehensible and manageable.

For most of human history, one’s world was usually confined to their local geography and cultural context. There was an infinite horizon beyond their world that they’d never know or explore. Their options for influencing or contributing to the world were limited to the small sliver of the world they could access. One was almost always more constrained by a lack of options than overwhelmed by too many.

Today’s reality is different. We get news from every corner of the globe. We can travel almost anywhere in a day or two. We can forge meaningful relationships and form communities with people we never meet in person. We can learn about just about anything we can imagine. Our options for engaging with and contributing to our world are now virtually endless. Our worlds have become impossibly vast.

By Peter Schulte profile image Peter Schulte
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