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Important Not Important

Important Not Important is a free newsletter and podcast that offers the science news, analysis, and action steps you need to drive transformative change.

It's easy to find the "what," it's hard to find the "why." 'Important, Not Important' is a community that offers a free weekly newsletter and a podcast that get down to first principles on the world's most complex problems (and opportunities) in a no nonsense style. The researched and curated weekly email newsletter keeps readers informed and provides tangible Action Steps toward solutions. The podcast helps people learn how to think about what’s happening and what they can do about it. Hear conversations with global practitioners in disciplines from wind power construction to asteroid redirection.

Every day, humans make enormous scientific breakthroughs to combat existential problems. 'Important, Not Important' celebrates the work of those responsible.

By Brendan Hoffman profile image Brendan Hoffman
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