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Gjenge Makers

Gjenge Makers is a Kenyan company using recycled plastics to make alternative building materials and products.

Gjenge Makers is a company founded in Kenya with a unique product that helps alleviate two key issues: plastic pollution and the Kenyan housing crisis. By turning plastic waste into drywall bricks and paving tiles, Gjenge Makers is providing a sustainable, affordable alternative to traditional construction materials.

The recycled plastic paving bricks that Gjenge Makers produces are seven times stronger than traditional paving bricks, while weighing half as much. This alternative offers the Kenyan housing market an affordable solution to the stone and cement that has traditionally been necessary for building homes. An affordable solution is especially important, since there was an estimated housing deficit of over 2 million units, in Kenya, in 2017. Gjenge Makers has produced over 320 thousand of their recycled bricks, and recycled over 50 metric tonnes of plastic.

By Brendan Hoffman profile image Brendan Hoffman
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