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DoSomething is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that seeks to inspire, empower, and assist the next generation of youth in creating social change.

DoSomething is a global nonprofit organization with the goal of motivating young people to make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that make an impact.

As the largest not-for-profit exclusively for young people and social change, DoSomething’s millions of members represent every US area code and 131 countries. Using a digital platform, DoSomething members join through volunteer, social change, and civic action campaigns to make real-world impact on causes they care about.

DoSomething members have donated 1.2 million period products to shelters and those in need since 2016, cleaned up 5.8 million cigarette butts to protect the planet since 2015, and bolstered youth voter turnout with 415,061 registered voters since 2018. DoSomething has many other campaigns as well, including advocating for the expansion of access and improvement of mental health resources, improving STEM offerings and curriculum in schools, and helping YouTubers make better captions for the Deaf and hard of hearing community.

By Brendan Hoffman profile image Brendan Hoffman
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