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China to reach peak gasoline demand in 2024

And four more social change milestones from the week of July 31 - August 6 2023.

Good news for humankind!

From the week of July 31 - August 6 2023 C.E.

China to reach peak gasoline demand in 2024

With plug-in cars increasingly displacing gas guzzlers, China is now on track to begin reducing its use of gasoline starting in 2024, according to independent analyses from the International Energy Agency and Rystad Energy.

Work begins along California-Oregon border on largest dam removal project in U.S. history

When demolition is completed by the end of next year, more than 400 miles of river will have opened for threatened species of fish and other wildlife. By comparison, the 65 dams removed in the U.S. last year combined to reconnect 430 miles of river.

Taiwan to provide period products in all schools and universities

The Ministry of Education announced that over NT$100 million (US$3.18 million) would be invested in the provision of menstrual care products in all educational institutions and 10 other venues throughout Taiwan.

Australian state of Victoria bans natural gas in new homes

The government said from January 1, 2024, planning permits for new homes and residential subdivisions, including public and social housing, will only connect to all-electric networks.

Michigan bans conversion therapy for minors

The law prohibits state-licensed providers from engaging in the psychologically-damaging practice. Michigan is now the 22nd state in the United States to ban such "therapy."

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Water slides


August is here! In Europe, August is largely a month for holiday, vacation, time off, relaxation, frivolity, etc.  I'm going to take their lead.

That doesn't necessarily mean I will be totally off-the-grid, out-of-town, not working. It feels more like loosening my grip a bit, allowing ease, flow, and emergence to take over where before I might have had more driving, determined, focused energy. That might look like clocking out a little earlier than normal to go on a nice long walk. Or it might look like taking a day off to take Owen to the water slides. It might also look like intentionally not filling my calendar quite as much so there is more space for creative projects to emerge.

The motivation is not just to have fun and be with family and friends while the Sun is out. It's also to consciously recharge my batteries and get some distance and perspective from business as usual. Perhaps then I can come back in September renewed and able to see possibilities I couldn't otherwise.

What can you take a holiday from this August?

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