Navy Admiral Lisa Franchetti
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Admiral Lisa Franchetti to become the first female to lead the U.S. Navy

And four more social change milestones from the week of July 17 - July 23, 2023.

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From the week of July 17 - July 23 2023 C.E.

Admiral Lisa Franchetti to become the first female to lead the U.S. Navy

Franchetti, who will be the first woman ever in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, marks another first for the Biden administration’s Defense Department, which has now had the first Black secretary of defense and the first female Army secretary.

Lab-grown diamonds booming in the U.K. as newlyweds opt for more sustainable option that is 85% cheaper

The London-based diamond retailer Queensmith revealed the market for lab-grown diamonds has increased by 2,860 percent in just five years as consumers look for more sustainable, ethical, and affordable options.

Kenya’s KCB Group to provide 100% financing for riders to acquire 100,000 electric motorcycles

In a major boost to Kenya’s nascent electric motorcycle and tuk-tuk sector, Kenya's largest bank has partnered with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research to roll out a program that is expected to create over 150,000 new green jobs over six years.

Jacksonville Jaguars’ Kevin Maxen becomes the first male professional men’s coach in the U.S. to come out as gay

In a historic moment, Jacksonville Jaguars assistant strength and conditioning coach Kevin Maxen has come out, becoming the NFL’s first male coach to publicly identify as gay.

Netherlands to return nearly 500 looted objects to Indonesia and Sri Lanka

"We’re not only returning objects; we’re also embarking on a period of closer cooperation with Indonesia and Sri Lanka in areas like collection research, presentation, and exchanges between museums," said Dutch Secretary of State for Culture and Media Gunay Uslu.

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Your genius will never stop imagining

You will NEVER have the world you most want. Even as your world evolves in the direction of your heart's desires, your genius will imagine something even more beautiful, prosperous, and virtuous to strive toward. It will never stop.

For many of us, this is a bitter pill to swallow. We will never "arrive" at our heart's desires, at least not entirely.

But what's worse: never arriving at your heart's desires or coming upon a day when your imagination has run dry?

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